Welcome to the Kids Early Years Network (KEYS)

KEYS brings together services in Western Sydney for families with young children who may need additional support.

How does KEYS work for families?

Joining KEYS

If you want to join the KEYS Network, your family will be introduced through a service provider, such as a GP or someone else in your community who you trust.

Setting your goals

Every member of your family will contribute to writing the Family Plan, outlining your strengths, needs and goals.

Connecting services

The KEYS Network has a team of people who will suggest and help to organise services such as healthcare, cultural connections and education providers.

Respecting your information

The KEYS Network takes the protection of your personal information seriously. With your permission, we will ensure only the relevant services within KEYS can access your family’s information.

What are the goals of the KEYS Network?

Easier access to services means your family thrives

The KEYS Network removes the stress of accessing multiple services. If you need timely access to services like housing or counselling, KEYS can coordinate this for you. This can include connecting you to culturally safe services.

A whole-of family approach

The KEYS Network recognises your family is fundamental to your child’s development. The needs of the child and family are at the heart of KEYS. Each member of your family will identify goals for themselves and the family.

One trusted contact

The KEYS Network promotes collaboration between services and shares information in a respectful and secure way. This means you only need to share your story once.

Respect and choice

The KEYS Network is voluntary. KEYS is designed to help your family live happy and healthy lives. You choose what services your family uses and what information is shared.