The KEYS Network assists people and organisations in Western Sydney to work together to improve support for families with children 0-5 years.

The KEYS Network has been established in Western Sydney, to integrate care across systems of health care, social care and education.

The KEYS Network is designed to help families live happy and healthy lives. The family is the most important place for a child to receive love and care. To provide a safe childhood, parents and guardians need access to a range of services for the whole family.


The KEYS Network Approach

We are in the process of designing this new way of working. Our design principles are:

Child and family centered

The needs of the child and family are at the heart of everything we do.

Flexible to need

Services understand and tailor support to child and family needs.

Guiding and empowering

Where possible the focus is on giving families control over their immediate and long-term care and support.

Working together

The service system works together to support families holistically.

Refreshingly simple

Every interaction feels as effortless as possible - for clients, for service providers, for agencies.